i cried even though i shouldn't

yes i cried. When? today...why? ohhh plenty of reasons...being the emotional kind of person its pretty normal.

Chemistry paper today. I pretty much slept the whole night...so how much i studied? don't ask. I find today's paper kind of hard... Although a lot of people say that it was easy.... makes me wonder did i really do that bad???? and to add salt to the wound its like after the exam you can hear people saying stuff like "aiyah A1 lar..." fuck. yes i just cursed...

I don't know what result i will get but i hope for the best. I'm am TOTALLY unsure of everything now. after chem paper I was so sad...I kept thinking what if i don't get an A.I sort of cried in sch. I really want to get a good result for my chem. ALL these stupid "what if's" started attacking my mind again. My dad fetched me home...I think he kinda knows what happened....it was kinda obvious...i was crying again. just a little....i manage to control my tears.

once i reached home I just think. okay enough..whatever results come out then let it be lar...then i felt better.

tomorrow is MORAL paper. hmmm study oh....

there are news saying that there was a leak in the add maths paper...somewhere in kl during the four hour break on the day itself!!!! omgosh...what if it's true? whats going to happen? hmmmm... it was said that someone held a "seminar". In some hall in KL... I mean what the hell? A seminar in the middle of the exams? whatever...

msg to myself:
don't fret...everything is going to be alright. Have faith and most importantly have confidence. Whatever people say its just what they say. friends may say things that hurt you unintentionally. you know that but you still feel the pain...it does not matter. as long as you know the truth and that only matters.

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