halfway there!!!

let's see...the first week is over!!! yippeee!!!!

but the second week is the killer.

tuesday : add maths
wednesday : physics
thursday : chemistry
friday : moral

Everybody was like worrying about the first week..especially sejarah. I was kind of worried about the first week, I don't think i did well for sejarah because i was weak in form 5. But still everyone was like semi celebrating because sejarah was over. For me i'm more worried about next week...hmmm i feel like so weird..maybe most people are good at their science subjects? I am very weak in my physics...i'm extremely scared about my add maths as well. and come on lar...bio?? i like those subjects but its like a ton of things to memorise...ish...what's everybody celebrating about? very great meh that history is over..yes its great but is it that great? so puzzling...

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