boredom came and it chose to stay...

curses. i have add maths on tuesday and i allowed myself to be loose. i should punish myself. but how? sounds so depressing.. i slept like 3 in the morning. gosh don't ask me why. I'm just stubborn thats all.

well at least it was not really that bad. I manage to revise on add maths, did some physics and went for an evening walk. I didn't walk that long. Just about 30 mins. I am bored. I shouldn't be bored but i am.

I'm going to take a short nap then i'm going to start with my art. Have to show teacher on monday. >< and today was okay. I watched surprise there. I'm like a tv addict. I just watch Nanny Mcphee. Interesting movie...maybe cause it reminds me of Mary Poppins. I love that movie..hehe

well I have got to go now. I really have to discipline myself! its hard! Now i'm wondering how on earth could i have been a prefect for like 7 years? and how on earth did i manage to do it not exactly well lar but good enough. Such a mystery. the irony is...personally i don't feel as though i have the characteristics of a prefect.

lol. tata~

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