i really wanted to blog yesterday but was just way too lazy to go online.

anyway, see the title? it says twisted right?

that is because i semi twisted my ankle yesterday. What joy! no, i'm serious...i'm not sad or angry by it. it's quite nice! * you must be thinking i must've hit my head while i twisted my ankle*

my mum dropped me off at the LRT station yesterday. I usually would like to catch the earlier train and when i reach there the train just arrive and ppl were getting out. I thought i was late cause i go to tuition with sher. I thought he was already there.

I was rushing down the stairs and when i reached the last step i sort landed on my left foot the wrong way. I think it almost went a 360. =.= what i know was that my left foot felt really weird and couldn't support my weight and people in the train was staring.[O.o]

You see I have never had my ankle twisted before...NEVER. It was something very very new. It kind of felt ticklish. I limped all the way to the chair while cursing...I kept on cursing...i couldn't do anything else. I was figuring out how to fix my foot. Plus i am a paramedic. I help people with twisted ankles any when it came to my foot i was temporarily blank!

After a little while sher came. he asked what happened and how was i etc etc and the funny thing was he said he is a son to a doctor and he doesn't know what to do. hehe i replied to him that i'm a paramedic and i'm figuring out what to do.

I know i needed ice and a bandage. BUT i was in a LRT station...Do you see any ice or bandage around???? NNNOOOO! oh well. the feeling in my leg felt so weird that i could not decide whether to laugh or to cry...but i chose to laugh. it was much funnier...

TADAA! dad helped me wrapped my foot up

my foot looked kinda retarded'ish

thats all. not going to school tomorrow!*wink*

nite nite,

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