pride and prejudice

I am an emo person. I admit.
Seriously...i can cry when i am stressed out or when i am in a 'situation' even though I am not wrong.
I am a softie...urgh... I am TOO boring [i think]. I feel that I am WAAYYYY to conservative...Too rigid like my piano playing...curse that too...
I love watching romantic movies, where the story line just makes you want to say 'awww' that's so sweet and how it makes your heart feel and how engrossed you will be about the story.
I am not into the whole horror movie thing...I am not into football but i feel like i want to learn about it and at least try to be into it just to feel how it goes. I love pretty things and i don't really like to see people suffer. I don't enjoy seeing people suffer or get hurt even though i dislike them. I absolutely hate to see people being lonely ESPECIALLY elderly people.

that is what i think of myself right now...i say that cause i suddenly thought about my favourite movie. Actually i do not have any favourite movies until this year. A lot of people say that it is boring...but it actually isn't. So far my ultimate favourite movies is Pride and Prejudice. It is based on a novel written by Jane Austen.

It is such a romantic movie. I just absolutely love it!!!
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