got back my chemistry paper today...
i'm not really disappointed but i was kind of hoping i would be able to get an A but i didn't.
But compared to the mid term results i improved tremendously.
i am happy.
my add maths improved as well.
But most of the subjects, my results dropped...especially physics. Shit man...

I watched The Secret on Tuesday. The show was so nice and sweet! It makes you feel like saying 'awwww'
Thanks to my piano teacher who introduced this movie and friends whom confirmed how good it was. So today my teacher lent me some of the scores from the movie. ahhh i can't wait to learn it.
I had my piano class today.
ermmm it was okay i suppose. I lacked of practice though...Its not like i want to not practice its just sometimes i can't. 'excuses'

Next Thursday there might be a 'pameran'. a collaboration between PSV[pendidikan seni visual], RJP and UBK[unit bimbingan dan kaunseling]. it is so called the biggest exhibition or the first exhibition they have ever done. All of those who took art as an elective, the projects we did will be there.

its so called an exposure to all form 3,4 and 5's to art...yada yada..more updates later.


I think i've gone too far into teasing iain..i might need to slow down on the some people say.."KARMA" familiar no?

siennya...later i'm going to find some stuff on the net then i'll blog about it.
i got to go study now..



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