hey hey..

check out my new blog skin...
i'm so happy that i found this...
I have not really studied today. I reach home, showered,slept and went online. nyhaha

bad new~
school is having a sudden diagnostic test set by the government. come on is not even in the school's takwim. DUMB!
i wonder how many people are going to school...i know i am...aiiihhhh...

new stuff!
prefects! or atleast the form 5's..we have a year end dinner/party this year...on nov 3rd. yes its a week before spm...Prom style...dressing is smart casual...
should i go? who will be going?
i'm thinking of going...
i know many of the from 5's might not want to go. Correct me if i'm wrong but i think firstly its because SPM is very near..yadaa yadaa . Secondly i think there is still some 'hush hush' unresolved bad feelings. Personally i think those bad feelings should vanish! poof! come on still goes on..are you going to sulk till the end of time? Most of the time people fail to realise that sometimes when it come to difficult situations decision and actions have to be made even though other people might not like it or disagree with it. That is sometimes called doing the right thing or in a simple word : LIFE sounds familiar? haha
I feel like going because it is my last year. I enjoy being a prefect for the past few years. Yes, even though there are times i suffered tremendously and sweat, anger and tears were poured...but hey that is what makes it even more meaningful..=)

oh well....i still have to worry about SPM cuz it ain't over yet! and then i have to worry about prom dress?

got to go..

will post again soon. i really need to!

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