its friday..a lot of people did not come to sch today. I think only 24 came...but still considered quite a lot lar... got back moral paper today. aih...i was hoping to get an A. But i got a B. close but yet so far..sad rite..

but quite a lot did well.. some even got 90 over. no comments...i've got nothing to say..*wink* next few entries.

i had to stay back for art class today. I've gotten back my paper and as usual it was a critic session. But this time we critic each other's pieces. Teacher asked us to give as what chandra would call it a CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.Based on the knowledge we have gain for the past god knows how many years. A lot of ppl did not come for art class..

for todays critic session we were randomly given each others art work. [those who came of course] and the catch was the person who gives the best criticism gets a price. We thought it would be her usual like giving plasticine or even biscuits =.='. I got yoong seng's drawing...and no one wanted to start first so i volunteered myself.[smart huh? =.=]

then it goes on and on....till the end.

*drum roll* actually its more like banging the table...
I honestly thought sean would be the best critic of the day..when teacher was about to announce i turn to sean and said 'i think its you' haha but SURPRISE! it was me...swt... teacher said i have a future as a critic...hmmm i might consider that job option!

and guess what i got as a it was not plasticine or was a set of MARIE'S water colour paint!!!!!
Imagine my luck! lol syok sendiri only...haha once in a while its good to self compliment.

below are some pictures...

ahem this is my marks.40/50. ITS NOT GOOD. my marks decrease compared to last time...but its the first time i've attempted to do something like this.

you see that brown blob down was suppose to be a bunch of people but to peoples eyes it looks like a bunch of coconuts! lol according to pn normaliza i got such low marks because i didn't bring our the effect that she wanted to see. The impact was not there. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH HER!

this is the prize! happy happy! this totally made my day...i was feeling crummy at the beginning for some reasons.
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