the eye of malaysia

was suppose to blog like erm... two days ago? i've been lazy. like real lazy. didn't study sucks..i hate not studying and i'm saying that cuz my results are that crappy.

anyway, how many of you actually been to the 'eye of malaysia'? I manage to go to Taman Titiwangsa on Sunday. With my parents.. It was ok. It wasn't thrilling or anything. It is just a normal Ferris Wheel. There wasn't much sight seeing to do cuz it was bloody raining. iisshhh!

I am actually scared of heights even though i absolutely enjoy abseiling and all those kind of stuff. haha. so when i entered the cabin i was freaking scared man! My parents keep reassuring me that the whole thing was safe yada yada...and at one point it just we were just hanging in the air..and the cabin was kind of swinging. I was like 'shit i really wanna get out'...but after the first round i got the hang of it and i was like 'sheesh i was worried about this???'

As a conclusion...

The Eye of Malaysia isn't as great as it sounds. It is worth it lar but you won't see me running around saying 'OMG you guys must go to the eye of is the GREATEST thing ever! you won't regret it...'

And then we went to Bangsar Village to have a look at the place. One thing about it its that you've got to have some big greens to spend there. As in big money...=)

we were looking for some ideas on what i might want to wear for prom.hehe i saw some really nice dresses and there was one i really like and the price was a BOMB! seriously..its not a baby bomb its like a hiroshima and nagasaki bomb kind of thing.[figure of speech!] it cost like around 2k. heart skipped a beat.

the funny thing was you know what my dad said to me? he said "wenn, you have to remember that you're the daughter of Mr Lim not Tan Sri. He said his full name lar so it totally we walked and walked...we checked out the place. I bought a XXXL bubblegum which cost 5.90 and i only had one. The rest i shared with my i nice or what? 'wink' hehe I also bought some tank tops..which were cheap.haha

so...after that we went and my dad prepared dinner and thats it. the day was over!

haha next post for some pictures.


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