i'm trying to make my life resolve around these three things ; books,music and blogging and i'm trying to cut out TV. sobs...i am a couch potato. bad habits sniffs...i watch too much tv. I have no idea why i lurve tv so much...i'm sure its connected to the gene thing. probably from my mummy....ooopsie..hehe
cuz my dad doesn't watch that much tele...ahhh oh well.

I actually like playing the piano. Although i don't guarantee that i'm really good at it. I'm trying to achieve my goal into being a better piano player. I'm considered as an advanced student, meaning grade 5 and above and yet i don't feel the same way. I am improving though...hehe by practicing my sight reading...taking random books and choosing songs to play by sight. me like piano...

which mean....STUDY!!! study study study....its a must! its a good of the best things in gain knowledge and keep on learning. I cannot wait to explore many knew things..i'm just waiting for that moment. but I am also afraid that because of the excitement build up my disappointment will be even greater. I am afraid i won't be able to handle the disappointment.

which is what i'm doing be able to express myself and not feel as tired as writing a diary. =) to be able to share the good stuff and the bad stuff. I'm learning or atleast trying to express beyond the boundary that i seem to be stuck at. Many people are able to express freely knowing that it is okay and they are not bothered with what other people might think. I have some trouble with that. I always have since i was young...the thing that bothered me the most is my lack of expression.

even when it comes to blogging. I always feel that i can't go beyond that fence. When i try to cross the 'fence' a force will pull me back. That makes me feel stuck, conservative and dull. I can't jump in the air without thinking 'is it right or okay for me to do so?' It is hard to break away from the things that has become a part of our life...that has formed and become our comfort zone. But i'm trying to escape to break away form the box and be more flexible and less rigid.. its a hard step to take but i'm taking it slowly. Hopefully i will succeed.

messy table...hardworking you might think? think again...i'm just plain lazy!

ahhh the beautiful piano...look at how beautiful the keys are and the music that could be formed is magical

first 2 pages of my exam piece...scary huh...i still have not master it yet..
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