yaayyy! its holiday time!

yesterday i can officially say that physics was a DISASTER. Plus i am having a sore throat and i think i am getting a cough...that adds up = violetcraze is going to get ILL. oh crap

i'm happy..hehe going to Kasturi later...dunno why but i enjoy going to KL..for the moment...maybe cuz its Saturday. Less people...

On monday i am going to have my theory exam >< so so sad...right smack in the middle of the trials...and sad to say i am not even freaking prepared. SHIT

Tomorrow I'm going to have a 3 HOUR class...can u imagine??? 3 HOURS of theory!! oh man....nvm lar...after that its freedom...*for a while* hehe

gonna watch RATATOUILLE on Tuesaday! weeee~ syoknya....but i have to have self discipline...must study..for bio,chem,moral and other subjects..PPL time is running out!

okay then..i'll continue soon..tonight hopefully!


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