back and shall be gone....??

hey! I am back! but not for long...I will go off again...

in a few months it will be SPM...GASP! and next week is the trials...eeesshhh and i still feel like i am stuck and not moving on in my studies. i am being Laaaaazzzzyyyyyy and i haattttteeee itttt.... but i did study it is just that it is not enough. i am not satisfied.

so for starters i am going to stay up late today. Not for art but for revision.. hehe the 'art' phase is OVER. DONE with it already...weee~ I AM HAPPY.

skipped sch today..went to emily's hse...learnt physics..chapter 5. sort of understand it... so it was okay after that i went for tuition..

yesterday was my mum's bday!i had fun...except for the part that i was pms'ing...ugh... my mum got me 3 tops, a cap and a pencil box! ha! i'm a happy gurl again...and of course i bought her the handbag that she wanted from Elle. hehehe so everyone was happy.

and i finally touch and play piano just awhile ago. FINALLY ...after so long...fingers are starting to feel

anyway will update as much as i can..


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