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oohh so long didn't blog..
well i am BACK..nyhahaa..just for the moment lar. then i'm off to do my work again..
damn..i started revising but now i have to stop and i have not revised this week! that sucks cause knowing that i'm not doing well in my studies is a nightmare. Seriously. it is like a movie...a HORRIBLE movie playing over and over and OVER in my head 24/7. I HATE THAT.really stressing out. *screaming silently in that complex brain of mine* what i'm trying to say is that because of my art folio, all my other activities and plans has to come to a HALT...seriously. I even had to skip class today..the entire day and i'm still not done. grrrr.. the artifact and the folio has to be handed in by this Friday. The exact deadline was suppose to be 30th of July.

I am also frustrated because i lack of sleep. These pass few days i'm only getting like 3 hours of sleep. It is amazing how i can still act normal and happy and not snap at people. True madness..I'm actually doing my folio right now and tomorrow i will concentrate on my artifact. Dad's going to help me! weeeee~ that is why i wont be going to school tomorrow..or actually today..hahas but the sad thing is that i have piano class tomorrow. I like piano classes but i did not practice and tomorrow i would be exhausted so i am not sure whats going to happen. *fingers crossed* hopefully everything would go on well..

I'm terrified. my trials are coming and theory exam is in AUGUST as well *more screams*. seriously...i'm am going to have a nervous breakdown sooner or later. Gosh i'm so blank right now...i'm awake but mind is just so blank. I guess that is how zombies feel like...and guess what...there is no feeling..i'm just so numb right now. blank and expressionless. Sounds as though i soul got stolen. *gasp*

i have got to go now. continue with my art. Wish my luck!!!
to those who are sleeping peacefully and would be waking up in a few hours time to go to school, Have a GREAT day!!!


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