Wednesday, 4 July 2007

hot weather

the weather is so freaking hot these days...it is just so humid... about 8 / 9 in the morning and i would be sweating as though i was on the treadmill for 5 hours...

sigh...i really wanted to skip school today...boring day..nothing major...

moreover i slept really late last night. But in the end i went to school...had lunch at Pizza Hut today...i sat in kah kit's car! mum let at first but after when i came back she was like 'i shouldn't have let you go cause your friend is still a fresh driver' i was like...oohhh okay...''thinking..''

nothing much lar lately...but i have been thinking a lot.. like all the stuff i should be doing...my friends...myself... well it is not exactly a good thing sometime...i can get a little paranoid at times...when i see situations happening i seem to jump to conclusions most of the time and i am trying to get rid of that awful habit.

trying to make myself more hardworking. Don't want to be so lazy. Nobody can help me realise the importance of anything but myself..not trying to sound cold but that is the fact...hard cold fact.
look at me hahas trying to sound 'deep'

at times i wished our school textbooks was more like the novels i read...that would be awesome.. that way i couldn't keep my hands off textbooks!!! I pretty much keep most of the things to myself almost all the time..uhh I'm not talking about being selfish...talking about being conservative in my emotion..thoughts...expression...i still cant express the things i want to the way other people can. I envy them very much...hmmm can't seem to fill in the empty spaces...there is much more that i would like to write but i can't find the words or the exact things i want to say. of well...that's all then...


feeling all mysterious


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