<<:: lurve the effects..taken from sean's camera. if only our uniforms could be like this...*dreaming* er..actually not much of a fantasy..

trials are coming!!! AUGUST 8! have to work hard already..i can't loose... for starters..i have not watch tv in a long time.. so sad rite..and i seldom go online too.. i talk less in school too. [i think]

well if those are the things i have to do to reach my goals then i'm willing to sacrifice certain pleasures of life for these few months...

i feel kind of odd in school today. i'm not sure why but i am actually quite sad today. well actually i do know why but i don't think its a reasonable reason. i can't even think of the reason why i have all those feelings... and the worst part is that somehow i can't conceal them. the things i do and say somehow just shows my feeling. argghh

why can't i control my feelings?i have to focus and not get distracted. have to maintain self discipline. well that was a big part of today.. i didnt stay back for kokurikulum because i actually have replacement piano class.. but my teacher had an emergency and it was canceled without me knowing. oh well..luckily it was near.

i think i stayed at my parents shop till about 6.45pm..then my mum and i went to pasar malam! it was okay lar..not too bad. guess what? i met 'someone' lol. the reaction i got from that person was very surprising. i'm glad but no additional feelings... NEUTRAL =)

i'm sleepy...i'm going to stop blogging now but i have to continue studying. wish me luck!

lots of lurrvvveeee,


nite nite

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