Hari Bicara Akademik


do i have to go to school tomorrow? yes...i have to..why? because it is report card day..duhhhh so sien...but fun at the same time...this will be my last year of going through these 'tradition'. don't get me wrong..i WON'T miss it..haha

hmmm lets see what happened today..
oh yea! while we were waiting outside chemistry lab!!!Jun Kit almost kena 'saman' by Pn Ruzainah... hehe. we were standing at the corridor waiting to go in. Some of them were at the class corridor so we if we stick our head out and look up we can see them. So they were jokingly asking the guys up there to spit water down..i know..eeeww rite? so sean was pretending to seriously spit water and jun kit's reaction was HUGE. He sort of knocked pn ruzainah and according to justin, pn ruzainah's reaction was like Matrix..hehe

but that was nothing. the interesting part was when he got scolded by her...

Pn Ruzainah staring at Jun Kit

Jun Kit : sorry cikgu...
Teacher : *still staring angrily* sorta teguring him* kenapa?
Jun Kit : *explaining what happen*
Teacher : nasib baik cikgu tak jatuh. Kalau jatuh saya boleh saman awak tau?
Jun Kit : staring blankly...

me and justin laughing silently...

Teacher : kelas mana?
Jun Kit: Sc 3
Teacher : empat atau lima??
Jun Kit : lima
Teacher : Jun Kit...* and then she just storm off*

weird teacher...funny situation...
pity jun kit...

today was quite fun. Got lil bits of funny moments..i wish i could record them of them was about Iain and the padlock. I lock it to his bag and hide the key in his bag. hehe he didn't even know. Then once i told him and he unlocked it, emily took the lock and lock his bag again! way to go emily! and he was helpless. Emily passed the key to me and i kept it in my pocket. hehe

while waiting for Mr Gani to come iain went to my desk and search for it...too bad it wasn't there..hehe and a few funny moments with xin yun and panda..then Gani came in.. We trick Iain by giving him my key to the girls prefect toilet and then again by giving him panda's house key. Iain really thought it was the key and the action he did was so cute and funny!!!

I only returned the key when school ended and i didn't make it easy for him..I think I made him feel like murdering me..hehe

that's all...



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