am i sad person???

don't know whether my title makes any sense or not...i don't think it does...

i have got no mood to write/blog...just that right now i am still awake..although it is late. what to do...i sort of cried just now..i expressed some things but they misunderstood me. instead i'm being labeled... how does that make me feel?? like some kind of freak...or like some lunatic that needs to go to a psychiatrist..sad huh..

so now..i would just shut up and bottle things up. isn't that much better? that way i don't need to be judge or labeled...ugh.. i'm not a sad person okay... why can't some people just get it? i'm atleast doing or trying to let them in, a slight insight to me life so that i don't seem to be so distant..but the least they could to is try to understand..keep an open mind...just listen and look interested..

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