Tuesday, 19 June 2007

today was quite progressive I suppose..I actually get most of the things that I wanted to done..hehe even though I did not go to school today I still have to wake up early. Say about 8 plus? I had an appointment with the optometrist at 10 am...sigh.. But as usual I tend to wake up late and my dad always let me sleep in..*wink* spoiled kid right? hahas so in the end I woke up at about 9 am. Got ready by 9.30am and left the house. Note that I skipped my breakfast. sobs...

Anyway..went to Tun Hussin Onn eye hospital..*I think I got the spelling right..*together with my dad..Mum made appointment for the both of us..Well I asked my mum to get an appointment for me actually cause I had trouble readin
g the blackboard the other day... The answer is...I need glasses...sigh..but THANK goodness its mild..I don't need to wear it 24/7..Phew!!!

Hmmm time flies real fast..It's already Tuesday..This Friday I'll be going for a camp..Kem Belia PBSM..won't really be participating in it..our job is to serve food...I know you will be asking why am i going then...Well it's because it's something different. It's not like the usual camps that I go to..and it's the company as well.Emily is going too..so why not.. I'm not sure whether I would be coming to school this Friday. It's weird to go to school and most probably leave school early because we need to reach the place by 3??and it's not that near either...

This blogging thing is starting to loose it's appeal..Kind of bored of it...lol Maybe I'm just tired...hmmm gtg then..get some shut eye...I definitely do not want to end up like a zombie tomorrow...hopefully it will be more interesting the next time...*yawn*

nitey nite..

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