sun burned ! whoopie?[part 3]

second day exercises....stretch!

the raptai thingy...the torture and the burn begins now!

they also had some demonstration..emily and i did not watch...almost fainted and were too angry to watch..did not care..hahas

can you imagine??? these were the young kids who fainted...

Pn zetty with her extra adorable cute rite?!


another pose! hehe

this looks damn my toe got cut off or something...

formal picture

informal picture!

just ignore my hair...i know it looks retarded...but the jumping picture is cool...

emily...photopragphy with style..hehe!

the tents!!! hehe saujanian spot...

nice le...i really like this nice

she was being creepy...wouldn't take the camera off my face..soo if you can't stop them..join them

look at me..sooo dark! hehe...while waiting for the ride home...

Last picture before we leave!!!

during cheer packed with ppl...its amazing that we found a place to sit..

the usual cam whoring...haha i like this picture...this was the last pic of the day...manage to persuade emily to take this pic..hehe everything kinda ended and we had the camera in our might as well just use it..

=the end=
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