sun burned ! whoopie?[part 2]

okie....continue...well...basically the 2nd night was all the activities and the preparation for the performance stuff lar.. we also had barbeque but most of us did not eat. We gave other people first good right? haha anyway 2nd was pretty much it lar..

day 3

hmmm...there wasn't anything much...aiyah...lazy...i mean emily pretty much wrote about everything already..if i repeat again then it would be really boring. But somehow i wonder whether did she mention about the choki choki chocolate thingy and the ice cream thing? Well it was a cadbury chocolate bar which melted in our tent...we ate it like how you eat the choki choki chocolate and the ice-cream man came!So we had like a moment where we were thinking about our childhood kind of thing and we bought the rainbow ice-cream! hehe

Well... also got some people's contacts...they are all so so so young...and while waiting for teacher we sang the ice-cream song...Mat funny and we also sang My Love again..then it is going home time!!! emily's mum fetch me back together with hao ying,pei mun and jia pei. Fetched them back to school. I went to see my mum to get my clothes cause we also went to watch the Cheer 2007. Mum brought the wrong shirt....not to my liking...aihs...went to emily's house...showered...changed...and went there...mum,emily and her mum and I... Qi Kit was there too...suppose to meet up but tak jadi..oh well..haha biasa edi...all these kind of up but tak jadi.. the cheer 07 was year should watch from the begining...the guy's team were awesome! but when they started hugging each other that was when emily and i were like....ooohh...not good..haha

Apart from that it was okay. The rest is HISTORY..hehe or HERSTORY...after that everything was about sleep....sleep and more sleep....and darkness...thanks to the sun! and no sunblock


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