sun burned ! whoopie?

wee~ I'm back from camp..uh..yea my blog entry was kind of overdue already..sorry lar..damn tired. We were deprived from our sleep man. hahas but from emily's blog you can pretty much know everything...she wrote a super long one. I don't even know how to fill in the gaps.

day 1

We went to school. As usual. No excuse to skipped school ><. After school emily and I walked back to my parents shop. Mum bought lunch for us and fetch us to emily's house. Had lunch, showered helped emily a lil bit with the last minute minor things. Dad came to fetch us. Here's the thing, we were so confident that we were going to reach there earlier and we were even worried whether teacher knew the place or not. But guess what...WE GOT LOST!!! well actually it was not our fault. Just that we were given the wrong info on where the place was..oh well...It was okay lar..the other stuff that happened kind of overlapped the 'seriousness' of 'got lost' thing..

When we reached there, we set up emily's tent. The other people from our school helped out. They were jocelyn,kar yan, hui wen(not me),chun seng, pei mun, jia pei and hao ying. It was easy setting up the tent. We were proud cause we had the big tent all to ourselves...after all that we were quite excited. We had our tea..the cake was quite tasty actually.. then we were free to hang around. Emily and I went to our scribbling...near the steps which was comfy actually while the others went picture taking at the playground. oh wait I forgot the sequence...hmm somewhere between the tea time we gathered and Mr Aidil gave a briefing...I'm lazy to explain what happened there cause it was just all talk..but anyway we had our dinner after the briefing *sorry if the chronology does not make any sense...* somehow no one knew about the AJK Sajian thing...sigh...after dinner we were free to just first me and emily was just hanging aroung by the steps then joined by the rest of the gang...they were cam whoring...In a fun way lar..I joined the one where we tried the take pictures while jumping. It was hard cause it was night time..the flash, time and everything were cacated...

After that we just like camp out outside our tents... in a circle. We started singing..haha we sang My Love, westlife and Tong Hua plus a few more other songs? i cant remember. I remembered disturbing Iain..hehe while he was forced to do his acc. hwork..wee~ we also played truth or dare. It was okay. emily and I didn't kena...phew..oh wait...emily got kena truth..not going to tell you what was asked =P what goes on in camp stays in camp..I think by 9'ish we had to gather rained so we had to go under the tents/canopy?/our makan area...we couldn't stay under the rain although emily would love to..hehe They told us the rules on what to do and what not to do...the biasa stuff..then they started introducing the teachers and our saujana spirit was the most geng. we totally greeted the teacher.super loud. other schools were like all stares...haha what to do...too much training already. The rain got heavier and we were divided into groups. group 1,2 and 3. i was in group 1. Our ketua was like damn blur 'sorry..' but seriously...who does not know 15x3? ahh...don't want to be so cruel. Then they chose the Penghulu and the Penghuluwati...they were YOUNG...the penghulu was a form 2 guy...imagine that and the penghuluwati was a form 4 girl...well actually they chose themselves...

At first we were worried. wondering whether our tent would get wet or not. But it did lar...FLOODED... emily sacrificed a lot with her baju...she scooped water out with a cup...I used my towel but still too much water.. we undid the tent and pour the water out...the sucky part was my clothes were though it just came out from the washing machine..we tried to salvage whatever we can. emily's sleeping bag...wet...and her bag pack...her books all gone. The pegawai's there are so idiotic and annoying...sucky people. I'm not going to write about them. But they just suck...But luckily cik siti suraya was super uber nice...she gave us her tent and she went and sleep in the gratefull. although it wasn't super dry but it was good enough.. by the time we went to sleep/tried to sleep. It was about 1.55 am according to emily. Guess what they bloody woke us up at 2 you think we slept??!If you read emily's blog we had touble changing into our pants..really funny actually... They gave us eggs earlier..i thought it was some amanah thing...where you have to keep ur eggs safe thing. But no..

we had to play some counter terrorist game. Divided into 2 groups..emily joined us..we had to protect a bunch of eggs that were hidden..and try to attack the was like dodgeball..but come on..who on earth plays a game of counter terrorist where u can't even see you attackers???!! oh the loosing team were punish by duck walking and were hit by and emily decided not to participate..too cruel..we went to sleep after that. it was about 4 am ish...and we got up by 6 something cause we had to get ready by 7am. Do you pity us? haha

day 2

my alarm was set at 5.30 am cause we wanted to shower, due to the lack of sleep we went back to sleep till 6 something. We got up to change and brush our teeth and wash our faces. Sad.. hmmm we did morning exercises...jogging..emily fell...didn't know till much blurring...then it was breakfast...the food was edible lar...i've experienced worse..but it was super veggie...only loads of sugar and salt...but at least they provided lots of mineral sien to comtinue typing but have get it done..

the 2nd day was more on so called station activities...ikatan and balutan and also marching..but all super lame...except one or two lar...I'm surprised that we the saujanian punya orangare more advanced compared to the well known schools that were saujanians! be proud! swt...anyway..we went to see teacher and ask what is actually going on..why are we participating? why aren't we just helping out..and erm it sorta got sorted out lar..

for more read emily's blog i'm going to skip a few situations...





basically this part is where the sun burned situation comes in. Honestly i think we got conned into joining the so called raptai for the perasmian...and we already got burned. cacated...then when it came to the real thing the bloody stupid idiotic VIP came an hour late...what an ASS...that time it was like 3 pm?? we were directly under the hot sun..and they had like 3 to 4 speeches..bloody ppl sitting under the shed fanning themselves whereas we are here slaving ourselves for their namesake. Jerks of the year award goes to them man...and they made primary sch students march as well..3 to 4 of them called humanity lar..all just bull shit..BTW emily and i almost fainted...serious...we were about to drop when they finally made us buka baris...emily had worse cause by night time she was kind of over heating...but luckily she's okay...

we also had to do some performance thing....our group wanted to do 2 performances..a game and a sketch. I was in charge of the game part...a fashion show..hehe and that was when i made some new friends..most from VI again...but all of them are so young...I feel so old...sobs...but in the end they totally left the fashion show time edi...bla bla bla..everyone was tired so they let us sleep whee! emily and i had our shower..haha shared a cubicle for convenience shower ever? then we went to sleep and again they woke us up at about 2 something for some lame activity. not going to elaborate...sigh..i'll continue later...i got to go pasar malam now..hehe accompany my mum..and explore KU! so for now thats it lar...continue later with more stuff and pictures!!!
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