such disappointment...

Somehow had a feeling that this might happen. You know that little voice in your head that you always never listen to? The little voice that keeps saying 'I told you so' for the things you neverrrrr listen to. Yea well it happened to me...again.

Most of you know that tomorrow is Seventeen magazine's Summer Splash and honestly I was looking forward for it. I even got the tickets!!! through sms of course...I've got like 6 tickets??? wasted 9 bucks of credit lar...damn pissed already actually...I even got my mum's permission like a month ago. But I think you can guess what happened...The story ends this way = I'm NOT going.... why you ask??


Its because not many people are going *btw don't think its a lame thing to say* many of me friends suddenly like drop out halfway. Cause parents don't allow and not enough 'clicks' that are going. Can't blame them lar cause my reason is also because not enough people I know who are going. But still...I really really really WANTED to go....sobs...I sound kind of desperate..I know...It is only because I didn't get to go last year because of some miscommunication...and you may ask since i wanted to go so badly why didn't I just go. This is my reason...I want to go to have fun with my friends and to check out whats really happening...I don't want to go just for the sake of going..There is not meaning in that lar..

But now I'm kind of feeling better...Didn't feel as disappointed as just now...Jia Von and I chatted and we were like imagining the future. As in if we were in our 80's and we attend the Summer Splash...what would the situation be like...haha I think I need not explain further...the rest is up to your wild imagination...a little hint hint...think of old people riding the roller coaster..whheeee~ the way to UNdisappoint yourself is to imagine/fantasise the weirdest things in the exact same situation..Works like a far.

here are the list of Saturday activities and my decision about them :
  • Summer splash[9 June - Canceled
  • VI carnival [16 June] - Pending
  • Kem Belia PBSM [22 June] - Confirmed
  • St Mary's Pref. Gathering[30 June] - Semi Confirmed
I had a panic attack again...umm the term panic attack is in my own terminology...that is when I realised something and get panicky about it..duh...thats why I call it panic attack. Well I have no idea why but today EVERYONE kept on reminding me that it is get what I mean? if you don't then just forget about it...

hmmm basically that is about it...the other stuff is that I went for tuition...I went for a hair cut..NO i didn't cut my hair any shorter than it is...I just got my fringe trimmed that's all..very minor..That's about it i suppose...I think its getting kind of draggy...

buh bye...
nitey nite


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