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I gave up reading Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. is so hard to read it, literature book. I'm not exactly a patient person to read these kind of books..
But I'm not totally giving up on it.
I'm going to continue reading it when i have the time...and also mentally prepared hehe

Went back to me old house.
I went to look for the novel that my dad told me about.
Shogun written by James Clavell. According to dad and bros, he is a very good author.
I finally found the it was damn thick!!! consist of 5 stories...
I found many other novels that I'm interested in..and currently reading one of them.
The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan..
Well atleast its easier to understand =)

oh man...
Denesh text me..said got art class tomorrow at 9 am!!!
so early wei..sigh..don't feel like going.
I thought Pn. Normaliza would be having the class on Monday and no news from her so i thought there isn't any class anymore.
Aiks! how wrong was I.
Tomorrow is a Thursday lar...why want to have a class....eesshhh
Monday also school starting already...haihz!
Until now I still have not decided whether to attend the class or not. I have to wake up early just to reach school by 9 am...which means I have to leave the house by 8.15am because around that time there will be traffic jam.
sheeshhh...geram betul!
and not only that..because I stay so far..I can't exactly go home right after the class..I might have to stay around till evening maybe?

Nothing much happened today...nothing interesting or out of the world..

The usual lar...Add Maths class...damn sien

I sort of cannot wait to go to see my friends =)
this saturday[9.06.07] got Summer Splash.
The following saturday[16.06.07] got VI and MBS carnival...
The saturday after that [23.06.07] PBSM kem belia..
and the saturday after that [30.06.07] St. Mary's prefect gathering...
I think there are many others but the ones that i remembered so far are these events lar...
I want to go for all but quite impossible lar.
No way am I that lucky to get the chance to go out every Saturday. hahas

Nothing else to write/crap about...
Unless I go the school tomorrow...hmmm might be interesting but then again it might be boring?No it wont be boring because Pn. Normaliza will be there. It might be scary though...*shivers*

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