i want my abz's

I really dislike getting up really early in the morning...I just want to go back to sleep. Snuggle into my comforter and get my Z's..It is just so wrong to wake up so early. They should make it illegal to wake up so early in the morning. The government should change the rules. We should start school later... I don't think it's healthy to wake up soooo early...do you??

Lately I have trouble waking up. Mum always have to wake me up...a couple of times. Thank goodness I don't use the school bus as a form of transportation. Haha anyway I still got my butt up...showered...a fast breakkie and then off to school..Today I confirmed that I need specs.. Well actually I don't really need it cause my eye power is quite mild. But for goodness sakes lar..I'm sitting like the absolute last row of the class...and during lab classes I'll be at the back as well..of course I cant really see..Especially the words on the black board.

So I manage to choose my spectacles design just now... Kind of like it. Suits me i suppose..I'm not a big fan of the thick rimmed glasses. Might suit some people but not my kind of style.. hahas so tomorrow I am able to collect my glasses. hehe...might take a picture of it and post it..*MIGHT* Anyway, today was any average day...I found out I got 80% for my art test...okayler... but i lost to Jia Yi..sobs...I'm not happy about that. But kind of expected also..My folio was kind of sucky and unfinished..lol. I returned Midori Days to Billy already..And Emily brought God Save Our King!!! yay...going to find time to watch it..muahaha

Although today was average but it was really fun too. Today is the beginning of a new hobby... SCRIBBLING!!! we even have our own 5 SC 3 scribbles diary..courtesy of Emily and I... hehe It started when we were having our BM class..boring and I didn't bring my Lit book. So was the other 3/4 of the class. So I sat with Emily to share her book. Iain was there too. We took his Lit note book and we started scribbling..actually I started lar...hands too itchy already..and kind of bored. haha we went up to level 3!!! the part where we had troops to attack Iain. So after that it was recess. We went to buy a new book to start this hobby. I LOVE it. So far it is about 4 pages long...hehe quite a few interesting incident..like the 'ice-cream juggling', the 'wrestling' and the 'harassment'...lol it was good ol' fun.

hmm that was pretty much what happen...

nitey nite..

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