I don't want to make today's entry sound so depressing...even though it kind of was..but whatever.

In a way I am glad that I skipped Summer Splash...IN A WAY...because I did my add maths...ugh it was killing me..ooppsie..let me rephrase.. It IS killing me..still stuck at it..I'm like halfway there...In a way you can say that it is a blessing in disguise..to make it sound nicer. hmmm now that I'm writing about it I feel really glad actually..hehe but I think I'm getting kind of paranoid in some ways...my mind always starts to wander around...going places and exploring thoughts which ends up with all these ridiculous conclusions about everything..every situation..every response..It is sooo annoying..

Thank goodness I'm still sane..

I just shifted this year to this housing area...really far away from everything...

"Shah Alam"

It's a new housing area...quite empty...and you know what...for an area that it quite empty...it can get real noisy and annoying..especially when you are trying to concentrate on you add maths work [given by En Abdul Gani]. The area is so empty the alarm from a car that is situated on the other side that is divided by a barrier could be heard. Loud and clear...ARGHHHH not only that...my next door neighbour has relatives/visitors coming in as though it is CNY.. Its like everyday new people would come...and today was no exception.

They own 2 dogs...a chihuahua and a Siberian husky. *hint* *hint* the Siberian husky is much more cuter/adorable and quiet than that small chihuahua... Gosh..with all these strangers coming that dog couldn't stop barking. The kids were making a lot of noise...*can you imagine my level of frustration???* mind you I actually like kids...but today was the other way..all I can think of was "can those kids just shut up?!?!" they were so noisy and so were the adults...I just had to shout 'can you just shut up?' out loud but I don't think they heard it. Don't really care.

That's pretty much all..gotta do Add Maths

nitey nite

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