i didn't go to school today.....

I did not go to school today. Was too lazy to wake up and i slept real late, say about 3 am??? Don't ask me why or what was I doing.. =) Don't let your imagination get too wild either...haha. Well after waking up this morning...the usual stuff...I wonder what I had for breakfast. I can't seem to remember.. Anyway dad came back with my lunch *no i did not wake up that late*. Today was not an interesting day, it is the usual..The only extra thing I did today is that I rearrange my bed position. It was HARD work...it is not the usual single bed..it is a double bed..and it was soooo heavy...but I'm glad i did it.

Now my room has more space =D *mind starts thinking how to accesories me room*

hmmm I wanted to go out for a walk/jog but kind of tired from the stuff that I did...I did quite a lot of walking around the house...




i have got nothing to write...

I'm thinking what should i do after this..I feel my life is starting to waste away...slowly and slowly the essence of my soul is living me...so in a way I want to go back to school.. I guess I prefer a hectic life and things that makes my mind and time occupied. Which also means if someone were to abandon me in a rural area where there is no excitement I will actually suffer and a big chance I will go into depression.

I'm also the type of person who tends to neglect her responsibilities...I know some people might find that hard to believe...but it is true. I don't prioritise well...I always tend to do the things that are fun but not the things that are important. I get excited easily but i also get disappointed easily. I don't let out my feelings much. Not many people know what is my personality like or who I really am. I am trying to be more open though but it doesn't seem to be working... I'd rather keep the thoughts to myself than to let other people judge on what I feel. Its just those kind of things where you what is going to happen because you've seen it happen before. It can really be depressing at times. I tend to be a quite sensitive and emotional.

Thats it..I'm totally emptied out. Have no idea what to write...after writing a paragraph or two about what kind of person I am...which i doubt make any sense at all... anyway that is all for now..Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully new experiences to write about!


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