gettin' tired of shopping...*am i feelin alright??!!*

went to 1U with mum today..hehe...but I'm getting tired of going out already...I don't want to go out anymore..I'm getting really tired with it..sobs

yesterday was really weird for me. I have this sudden attack of mix emotions. Got a little depressed..Didnt know who to go to. I have a slight panic heart started beating really fast.My breathing pattern changed as well. Scariee...thankfully I manage to have a long talk with someone * not going to tell who...=p* it turns out that I'm not that alone after all..I think the conversation was about 3 hrs long? haha In my own terminology...I got really drunk last night..hehe that was about 1 am. I didn't go to sleep after that.Elder bro came back and 2nd bro came back with girlfriend and whole family chatted a little while. I watched tv with 2nd bro and girlfriend till 4 am..I was a living zombie at that moment.

Finally made myself to go to bed and get some zzZ's. But I didn't get enough sleep cause i was too used to waking up early. I think I only got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep? I was kind of grumpy and impatient today. A little sarcastic and ignorant too. hehe *sorrie ppl* after breakfast and the usual routine. I got ready and went down. etc etc..waited for bro to come back and join us...fell asleep then woke up and bro decided not to join cause needed some bonding time with Astro hehehe..

Didnt really do much at 1U though..But it took us almost 45 minutes just to get a bloody parking space..due to the lack of sleep I was really impatient and I was able to strangle someone at that precise moment. Mum had to calm me down..hehe We had lunch..then we went to find my sport shoes!!! yippie!!! my old sport shoes had turned into a crocodile so its time to get a new one. =) Finally get to find a very cute Reebok shoe. The colour is soooo sweettt ! I just looovveee it! hehe its kind of bluish lilac..*yes..its purple..* But I feel it kind of makes my feet look smaller??? I can't wait to wear them..hehe

We did a whole lot of walking so I don't want to tell about that. I'm just lazy to type it out...You get the idea :) Went to a buttoned shirt...there is a story behind this shirt but again I'm not going to say anything about it..just too darn lazy. I'm just so sleepy now..hehe I think i'm just going to end here... So tergantung right? ahh...who cares...

nitey nite,

this is the top...just a normal top...


front view...cute!

side view...hehe nice le
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