green font today! hehe in conjunction with World Environment Day..hehe

slept a lot today...why?
cuz i stayed awake for too long yesterday...=)
went to emily's watch Ouran High School Host was....GREAT!! haha..i love the show now..thanks to emily. I want to watch it again...hehe
all the characters are soooo cutteeee!! and handsomeee.....u know lar..japanese anime..most of the characters..they make them look so gorgeous! haha *must be thinking that i'm mad*
btw...thank you emily..ummm for things la..haha you know lar..if don't know then ask me =)
went to tuition yesterday...felt so sleepy and justin and jun kit totally invaded privacy by taking my phone and checking the msgs..>< but luckily i deleted the sent msgs...haha so the msgs they read won't really make any sense..wheee!!!
on the way back home...chatted with my dad about in novels..
there are so many books that i want to next goal is books by Agatha Christie [hope i got the spelling right]

so blurring now...
away from human contact...can really kill a person..
started to read a Jane Austen novel, title is Mansfield Park..i'm usually a fast reader but this book is hard to took me quite long too read and understand it. This book is not for light reading..i hope i wont give up reading this book..haha
went for a walk...but its so boring...i don't know anyone here and all of them are young kids...makes me feel soooo old...not fun la...
there is a basketball court here!!! but got no basketball *i wonder where it went?* and got no one to play with...
so just walking around the neighbourhood is loosing its used to feel really long and interesting when i started walking the distance feels so short...and boring..the area here is really quite empty.
ugh...i'm talking nonsense right now..
I am feeling lazy...being lazy and i don't like lazy..its giving me a headache...

I'm going to stop for now before it starts getting really stupid...

remember to do your part for the environment! =) *wink*

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