back again

ooo~ I'm back again..hehe

kinda disappeared for 2 weeks? hehe suppose to have streamyx by now..but sort have some problem and I was feeling lazy to go online...But so wasted so many interesting events to write about..haha like last week..when Iain fell asleep in tuition...kind of feel asleep. He was super sleepy during tuition..hehe and last week Cik Margaret was like PMS'ing as well...

Btw all my Saturday plans were like un fulfilled...In the end I didn't go to VI's carnival as well..Mummy did not let..oh well..I went for PBSM instead and spent a few hours at Carrefour with Emily and her sis, Marianne.. was really fun...haha tried making icky soup that looks like tom yam and try all the sweets or junk food that might give you sugar rush...wheeee~

aihz...nothing to write darn lazy...the new thing is that I'm not going to sch tomorrow..haha continue writing tomorrow lar...


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