Friday, 1 June 2007

another day...

this blogging thing is really fun..haha..i sound like some weirdo or something.. Today was a much better day compared to yesterday. I still feel kind of lethargic. But better compared to the nightmare i had yesterday.. i was feeling kind of grumpy when i was in the car...but after piano class i was feeling better. People called me...asked me to go out on monday...two different people asked me out on the same day...Familiar situation? Its like the ones you always see on movies..

When i reached home*my favourite place..hehe comfort zone* i went online *i think..slight amnesia* went offline...went down and watch TV. Had a slight headache[always prone to headaches] and fell asleep on the couch...ahhh the comfy couch...hehe.. I woke up when my mum was watching her show..cantonese show...a series..rented cds.. The volume was so loud and i got extremely frustrated..dislike it when my sleep gets disrupted...then i got up. Settled down..

I think that was about 5 pm'ish? oh gosh...i can't remember what happened after that...i guess i watched with my mum a little..went up..changed cause i wanted to go jogging. Took my keys and watched a little more TV * its darn addictive..those cantonese shows*..Finally i got my butt up and out of the house. Did some jogging..more of walking haha...i really wanted to sweat...I felt so much better after that..But of course so much more tired..somehow my headache sorta came back.

Went back into the house...went online again..sigh..about 8pm mum called me to go out and get dinner. Went offline...felt kind of mad * me and my mood swings* and the boredom really started to kicked in... i FELT SOOOO BORED..i was going mad..told my mum i wanted to eat MCD.. *fyi, its the only fast food restaurant around this area* so its always packed with people. After seeing the amount of people i changed my mind..reluctantly. I was lazy to follow my mum out so i stayed in the car...I msg my friend..wai hung..to chat..too bored..no replies..sigh..so i msg to myself.. weird no? kind of fun in a verrryyyyy weird way...

long story cut short...

went home..had dinner...wai hung replied..yay!! not bored anymore..went online again..still chatted..turns out VI and MBS going to have carnival on the same day...soo which one do i go??? Would support my friend of course...but i don't really like his sch...his head prefect specifically... oh well...we'll see...stopped chatting with him cause he had to go..felt so grateful to him, for chatting i mean..i was still online. Almost had to go off cause Astro was a little kinky and mum wanted to used to phone..sigh yes...i haven't got Streamyx yet... then it got fixed. So i remained online...muahhaahaa

Well that was pretty much how my day went..of course there are some details which i rather not share online...too personal...after all i am quite a private person..hehe

p.s still got my karangan to do..350 words and more...damn..haven't even started.. and i'm getting real sleepy...zzzzZZZ

till next time..

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