Nothing much happen today. I still have the happy feeling from my birthday celebration.. It kinda hits me at the face knowing that I'm ELIGIBLE to drive...muahaha..but sadly i can't drive till after SPM. One of the setbacks of being born in May.

Hurray!! tomorrow I'll be going to Times Square...sort of like another birthday outing but not as grand la...haha need to mellow down. I finally watch Pirates 2 yesterday*thanks Justin* so I'll be watching Pirates 3 tomorrow!!I am absolutely addicted to this blogging thing..i think i'm on the verge of being obsessed with it.


I felt really sad. I can't stand to see people suffer in any sort of way. It just makes me question why life is so unfair and why people must act in such way. When you go to a shopping mall do you sometimes see a grandfather or grandmother or just someone elderly sitting at the chair while waiting for the young people to finish. It is such a cruel sight. It just makes me want to cry. I went out with my mum the other day and i saw this very thing happening and i told my mum about how i feel. I was on the verge of tears. I know it has nothing to do with me but aren't we all humans with feelings?

My mum told me that i better not do that to her when she reaches that age. I assured her i won't and i hope i won't do such horrible thing. It hurts to see someone being left there alone especially and elderly person.It also hurts to see someone being discriminated because people find them 'weird'. I think i can imagine what most people are thinking now about me...like i am a very touchy person. haha most people don't know that i am pretty touchy at times. I just don't like to see people suffer. Kinda weird but it just hurts.
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