the Begining

wow...this is my third blog...THIRD...yes the third last two blogs have been left to waste so hopefully this third one would live longer than the other two.haha

I spent 12 HOURS at Mid Valley! amazing no?
yes i am also shocked tht i am capable of staying in MV for so long and According to Justin he says tht MV opens for 14 hours.

lets see...i had to wake up really early to follow my parents to work. >.< because i stay so darn but i'm okay with that. mum fetched us to MV. reached there abt 10.30am..bought tickets for SUMOLAH *don't give me tht look..i know its a Malaysain production* after buying the tickets we went SHOPPING..something that gurls do very well hehe the three of us bought shoes and we wore it on the day itself..we were taller hehe it was good...

we had our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. after lunch we met up with Joseph and Wen Yao for the movie which turns out to be extremely hilarious..its a must watch movie the only set back was this uber annoying guy sitting next to xin yun...he was reading out the script..ugh... after the movie the guys went to play pool*typical* and the girls went to try dresses *also typical* hehe

we had dinner at All Stars..there was a silent episode which only xin yun and emily knows in the whole story..rather not mention it cuz i dont want another chaos. i have enough chaos in my life..the food was okay..wasnt what i expected. The drink i ordered was sucky. so called Honey Dew Heaven.. more like Honey Dew Hell...overall it was the best birthday outing and this years birthday is ultimately the best..thanks to my frens especially my classmates! luv u guys!muackx!

oh yea...wanna say thank you to a bunch of ppl for coming last night..hehe who are Emily, Xin Yun, Joseph, Wen Yao, Jia Von, Justin, Iain, Shu Fen, Billy, Yow Kit and Pei Gi

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