Just got duped..somewhat.

Time is definitely not my friend now. I'm really getting worried. But really feeling tired now though. Today class started at 9.30 am and since yesterday class was canceled so we were told that it will be replaced today!

ken shongen the gorilla

So...we did our work, after class 7 pm. Including dinner lar...went to class..waited until 8pm and we start wondering whether he forgot our class or we got conned.

evonne chua the banana lover

Ask someone, called the lecturer and he said he wasn't told that there was a replacement class today!!!!

luppy our daddy..

aiks aiks..

I'm just telling myself..

suffer first

suffer first

suffer first

I actually really want to go Archidex and also Cheer 09! But I don't think can already lo. Not going back also..I hope the parents would come and see me. 2 weeks didn't see the family already, a bit the sad...

me who got nicknamed as toilet seat cover cuz of my previous hairstyle. -__-" don't ask me why...i don't understand the relation to it also

Friends are playing the game called Hotel 626. -___-" scary! Just watched how my friends play..

I'm sleepy now!!! how?!?! Suffer first!!!

part of the surprise gift for annie. since her bday is over i can finally show the pics


I got to go suffer now. hehe!

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