I'm back!!!

Wow I've not blogged for 1 week. I restrained myself from blogging and also most of the time I didn't have time to blog at all! My mid-semester is almost over! Tomorrow is the last day of exams. YES!!! *celebratory dance*
I wanted to blog yesterday because I was feeling really EMO! but I had to finish my construction drawing so I have to tahan my emo'ness. Didn't really get to sleep also , work also not really up to my satisfaction but nevermind lar.

7 weeks of tiredness, lack of sleep, stress, tears, sweat, confusion etc etc is gone for a while before it all begins again. I have not gone home for 3 weeks already! I missed it so much. I miss my family too.

It's really been a hectic week.. the whole week finishing up my work and preparing for presentation and submission. Everyday I slept at 3/4 am and the day before presentation I did not sleep at all! We were all like that.

Presentation was okay, I don't know how I did, I suddenly don't really remember what Ms Ooi said. But I remember after I presented and they asked..bla bla bla...Mr Mazlan said some stuff that brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't sad or anything...I just didn't know why I almost cried. Luckily I didn't burst out in tears. haha

He said something like when people see what we do, when they see the final work they think it's easy and anyone can do it but they don't realised the process we have to go through. The process we go through to get something so simple is painful. When he said that I just felt like crying. I don't know why but it's so true. SO SO TRUE. gahhhh

I'm glad that it is over. He gave us our new project for finals! He says he knows us, and he knows what we are capable of. Is he sure?!?! Our new project consist of 3 floors!!! @.@ a B&B inn. Is he for real?! It is good that he has hope for us but on our part it's tough. lol
It is definitely interesting but he isn't going to make it easy for us that is for sure.

So many things I want to update about! I'm sure I'm going to miss out some points. Before I continue I want to congratulate 2 of my dear friends. They got together!!! haha never crossed my mine that it would happened but nevertheless, wish them every happiness...

=P I made it sound as though they are getting married! hahaha YOU KNOW WHO YOU AREEEE ...am I allowed to say who you are?!?! But I already knew...good intuition.kekeke


just 2 days ago, there was a snatch theft happening right in front of our college, we were up there on the 3rd floor we we suddenly heard someone shouting. The thieves were only BOYS! they smashed this lady's window to grab the purse, then they tried to escape using a motorcycle but failed cuz they hit a car so they just ran off! The lady manage to retrieved her purse though. So scary, MIA is such a dangerous area. =(

tomorrow we are going to a special event. ^^ will blog about it soon! hehe

Not much pictures I can share with you guys especially from presentation because it actually wasn't such a good presentation day. That was the first time I saw him got slightly angry too. So yeah, nobody was in the mood for pictures. I'll try to post up pictures of my final work. Now I'm searching for some recent pics that won't make this so boring.

Oh! Did you guys read yesterdays newspaper?!?!

They planned to change Science and Maths into BM again?!?! What the hell is going on? I was from the first batch of students who had to use English for Science and Maths. Why don't they just stick to the decision? How are they going to increase the profiency of English? and for Chinese school, they are not going to learn those subjects in dual languages. Only in their mother tongue. Are they segregrating us?

wth wth wth... I asked my friend, who had to learn Math and Science in BM, when he went into A Level's he had to study them in English. He said it was really tough...

Do you agree with this idea? Personally I think Science and Maths in English is not a bad move, we can communicate better with people all around the world because of English. rawrr..what do you guys think?

I hope they re think this. I received an sms today.. I forwarded them to almost all of my friends. "Tun Mahathir is strongly supporting Eng and is willing to convey your msg to the Govt. So please go the http://chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/ and speak your mind. Strike while the iron's hot! do it today!!! "

okay lar. I got to go now. I have to study for history now! Mr Bear's scary questions. @.@

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