yesterday I did not go to work as I was too sick and tired. I was weak the whole day. Even doing simple chores like cleaning my room takes up a lot of energy. I think my parents got a little too worried. They brought me to see a doctor today. Doctor kinds 'tegur' me..he ask "why wait so long then only come to see a doctor?" -_- i know wor. I thought I could get better. I totally forgot that my immune system was super low when I caught the infection for the second time. But luckily I didn't have a fever. The doctor was also surprised. He said that usually if got flu and sore throat, i'm bound to have a fever..o.O am i weird or something?
so he gave me a bunch of medicine... after eating them I was knocked out. So drowsy! I pretty much slept the whole afternoon. I'm feeling loads better now. But i'm so worried about my ear. When I was in form 2 I had sore throat and flu which caused my ear drum to break. The pressure was too much. Horrible experience.
tomorrow got another driving lesson. I MUST BE CONFIDENT! Next week's the test already.I need to be well by then.
Yay, can get gaji soon already! Suppose to get yesterday but then, I was so sick that I couldn't go to work. Sigh...I thought this month I could get full payment or something cause I didn't take any leave. But its okay. Health is more important than wealth right? Money can always be earned anytime. But health, once its gone its gone. After tomorrow, I will only be working once a week! CHEERS!
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