on the first day of new year....

I forgot to mention what we did on the FIRST DAY OF CNY.

we were like hanging around at home...Soooo my mum and I went to Mid Valley and my dad and bros went to check out some shops. Although my third aunt was suppose to come.

Well my third aunt did come but my mum and I weren't around. I manage to bought a jacket!!! FINALLY! and I love it..mum got some clothes too. The mall was sooooo empty. So many shops was closed and there were a lot of people there.

We watched Kung Fu Dunk at The Garden's Signature. It was okay. The meaning of the story is good but the story line is weird. It does not really make sense. I don't think it is worth RM 20 a ticket to watch this movie unless you absolutely LOVE Jay Chou. *no offence to jay chou fans*

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