Monday, 4 February 2008

Chinese New Year is coming and I am not feeling the festive mood. Are you? I am not a big fan of mandarin oranges. I don't dislike them but I don't love them either. Read the newspaper lately??? 3 mandarin oranges is equivalent to 1 plate of rice! *gasp*

so cute right this cookie cheong sam? I absolutely adore it!!! can't bear to eat it lar...

yummy doughnuts hehe...

went to Sunway Pyramid about 2 days ago to get pedicures... The one near my house was fully booked so mum and I went to Sunway Pyramid instead. Went inside Asian Avenue and to Missy Nails. I like the place in there! so many things to shop!!! I think I saw some form 2 girls from Saujana...I distinctively saw Kye Ern and a girl called Kye Chin I think...oh well...small world and plus in the shopping mall, no surprise there.

I am sort of done with my CNY shopping but I am not done with shopping! =) Going to Hong Kong after CNY!!! I am excited =) saving my money to not shop now and hopefully I can find cool stuff there!
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